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work ; your subordinates and yourself should follow us at a
distance." Thenceforward Jangarnayya, the talari, wandered
through the streets with lear until the Raya returned after his
search of the city, to the palace, aiul then retired to his own
residence, This matter reached the ears of Appaji and other
courtiers who took great precautions both during dav and
night while discussing cormdential problems in their houses.

The Raya demands accounts :  Days passed in this manner.
Krsnaraya used to listen every morning, according to his daily
routine, to the reading of verses on political ethics. One dav,
Candrayya, the reader of these verses, sent his son to discharge
his daily duty as he could not attend to it himself in person,
The latter came and read verses from the Safijayantti, the
Viduranlil the Caiiakyariiti and the XltiSataka of Bhartrhari.
He read without leaving out a single verse, and while the
Raya was listening to him attentively, a verse from Baddena's
struck him with great force.

" 0 1 King Badde, only those kings deserve to be called strong who main-
tain au army larger than the armies of all the feudatory chief s. The other
kings are, Indeed, far removed from the power to command."
When the Raya heard this verse, he asked the reader to
read it twice in order to grasp its meaning completely. One
day, while he was sitting in the audience chamber, he sent for
the bar albas and asked them, " How many lakhs (of mrahas)
do the provinces of the Karnataka kingdom yield ? How many
forts (each) are there of the yiri, sthala, mna, and jala class ?
What is the total number of forts, towns, and villages in each of
the provinces? How much (cash) pertaining to each of the forts
is (deposited) in the treasury ?" Further, he ordered the nine
sampratU that they should produce accounts in detail about
cash, gems of nine kinds, jewels and hidden treasure ; the
amount paid by the mamayars of the almas and the balance
remaining against their names ; and the number of kaijttam
forces, horses, elephants and the retinue.